Improvement of the voice and of musicality

One of the historical areas of application for the Tomatis® Method concerns the improvement of musicality and of the speaking or singing voice.

Indeed, thanks to its direct action on the cerebral mechanisms that link perception and action, the fundamental principle of the Tomatis® Method is that any modification of the mechanisms concerning the reception and analysis of a sound message will have consequences on the reproduction of that message, be it spoken, sung, or mediated by a musical instrument.

Moreover, good quality vocalization does not merely require a well-tuned listening of an external sound message, but also and above all a well-tuned self-listening, that is, a wellhoned capacity to use one’s own voice as a sound source to be analyzed and properly controlled in intensity and quality.

Tomatis Method

This self-listening happens only when the perceived sound vibration is correctly regulated by bone conduction, which is the path of transmission for sound through all of the body’s bones, and in particular, the cranium.