Tomatis Method

Research and findings

In addition to the positive results achieved with our client, which have made our reputation, our method has also proven its effectiveness scientifically. The research continues to grow as the areas of application of the method are extended. Indeed, the acoustic sensory message plays a key role in the development of the individual and as a result connects to numerous disorders. The scientific partners with whom we work include several public bodies (ministries, research institutes, hospitals) as well as universities, specialised associations and foundations. Their involvement ensures the objectivity and reliability of the results presented for you in a non-exhaustive overview in the following tables.

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Following listening sessions

Session 1
Preliminary Interview

You will be given a psycho-pedagogical assessment adapted specifically to your problematic, followed by an interview with a professional specialised in dealing with your particular difficulty or disorder.

Session 2
Listening sessions
(passive phase)

Using the specially designed device, you listen to a programme chosen by the professional. Because the programmes stimulate your ear and your brain, the sessions have to be repeated, but alternating with evenly-spaced intervals of rest called “integration” so that the progress will be long-lasting.

The number and length of the sessions will depend on your problematic. Sessions are generally two hours long over two periods of 15 days each.

Session 3
Listening sessions
(active phase)

If the professional has received the specific training, he may propose active listening sessions for you. These sessions include reading aloud or verbal repetition, during which your voice is instantly modified and retransmitted within the specific parameters of the Tomatis® Effect.

Directly and in real time, you hear your voice corrected, and as a result, you modulate it. This exercise is not systematic and is proposed after an initial programme of passive listening.

Session 4
Exit assessment

After the course of listening sessions is finished, you are given an exit assessment, which allows us to measure your progress and to determine if further sessions are recommended. The results obtained with the Tomatis® Method are long-lasting.

Consequently, it is often not necessary to extend the sessions beyond the initial course. However, for certain problematics, extending the programme may be advisable.

Someone may hear well but listen poorly

The sound message is correctly heard but poorly analysed in an emotional framework. The brain protects itself by erecting barriers which can result in the development of various disorders.

We say that “listening is disrupted”.

The Tomatis Method stimulates the brain

You can do the listening sessions repeatedly by using specially designed devices which stimulate the brain and progressively help it analyse the sensory message more effectively.

We say that the “ear is learning to listen”.

Well-tuned listening can change your life

Your ear is not only used for hearing. It stimulates your brain and establishes your balance. Well-tuned listening is therefore an essential component for promoting personal development.